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Ricky Armendariz

Associate Professor,

Graduate Advisor of Record


The Department of Art and Art History

AR 4.01.06

One UTSA Circle

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- 2010 – Present: Associate Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Art and Art History.San Antonio, Texas.

- 2004 - 2009: Assistant Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Art and Art History. San Antonio, Texas.

- 2003-2004: Instructor Painting/Drawing, Front Range Community College Department of Fine Arts. Boulder, Colorado.

- 1996-2003: Instructor, Painting/Drawing, University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Art and Arts History. Boulder, Colorado.


- 1999: Master of Fine Arts, University of Colorado at Boulder:

o Emphasis in Studio Arts, Painting/Drawing and Sculpture. Additional studies in Relief Printmaking and Chicano Art History.

- 1996: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Texas at San Antonio.

o Emphasis on Painting/Drawing and additional studies in Sculpture


- December 2010: Yah me voy a Therapy”, REM Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

- July 2010: Arte Nuevo/New Art, Juror Malaquias Montoya and Valerie Cassel Oliver, The University of Texas at San Antonio.

  • - April 2010: Texas National 2010, juror Judy Pfaff, Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX.

- November 2009: Investigating Transcendence” (solo exhibition), South Texas College, McAllen, TX.

- March 2009: International Year of Languages”, UTSA Downtown Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

- March 2009: Tu Amore es un Bumpy Road” (two person exhibition), Sound Art, Laredo, TX.

- November 2008: Serie Print Project”, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX.

- October 2008: Serie Print Project”, UTSA Downtown Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

- October 2008: Serie Print Project”, Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin, TX.

- August 2008: “About us!”, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO. Curator: Mark Addison

- July 2008: Con Honor – a las Artistas del Barrio”, Centro Cultural Aztlan, San Antonio, TX.

- July 2008: “Centers and Borders: From ABC to XYZ – 2008 Sino-American Artists Joint Exhibition Beijing”, XYZ Gallery, Beijing, China.

- July 2008: Hybrid Vistas: South Texas Painters, Ricky Armendariz and Richard Martinez” (two person exhibition), C-Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

- June 2008: AZAG/GAZA: Mirroring War”, Casa Borda, Taxco, Mexico.

- June 2008: “Signs of Globalization”, Salon de exposiciones de la Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad of San Carlos, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

- May 2008: AZAG/GAZA: Mirroring War”, Galeria Zapata, Oaxaca, Mexico.

- May 2008: Signs of Globalization”, Sala de Escuela Superior de Arte el Paranimfo, Universidad of San Carlos, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

- April 2008: Art and Social Change/Land, Culture and Memory”, Al-Kahf Gallery, International Center of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Palestine.

- February 2008: “The Box Contemporary Museum of Art/La Caja Museo Contemporano de Arte”, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX.

- October 2007: “Centers and Borders” Ningxia Exhibition Center, Yinchuan, China

- September 2007: Mariachi Scholarship Concert and Exhibition”, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, TX.

- September 2007: “Centers and Borders,” School of Fine Arts, Ningxia University, Yinchuan, China.

- September 2007: “Contra La Guerra”, Academia de San Carlos, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico D.F.

- August 2007: New Millennial Guernica”, Myriad Gallery, Boulder, CO.

- July 2007: Lonesome Highways are the Only Kind I seem to Travel”, (solo exhibition), REM Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

- June 2007: World View: Diverse Artists’ Approaches”, Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas, TX. Joan Davidow, Director of Dallas Center for Contemporary Art.

- April 2007: New Millennial Guernica”, A Shenere Velt Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Curator: Dr. George Rivera.

- April 2007: “Cantos del Pueblo: Tejano Musical Landscapes”, the Alameda Museum in Affiliation with the Smithsonian Institute, San Antonio, TX. Henry Estrada, Exhibitions/Public Programs Director.

- October 2006: Grand Opening Exhibition”, El Centro Cultural Aztlan, San Antonio, TX. Curator: Richard Arredondo.

- October 2006: MASA Project II”, Gallista Gallery, San Antonio, TX. Curator: Luis Valderas.

- September 2006: Serie Project XIII”, University of Texas at Austin Center for Mexican American Studies, Austin, TX. Sam Coronado, Director

- August 2006: Serie XIII”, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX.

- June 2006: New Millennial Guernica”, International Center of Bethlehem, Palestine. Curator: Dr. George Rivera.

- June 2006: Local Loteria”, Southwest School of Arts and Craft, San Antonio, TX. Curator: Kathy Armstrong, Associate Curator at SWSAC.

- February 2006: Never Leaving Aztlan”, Museo de las Americas, Denver, CO.

- January, 2006: Confessions of a Singin’ Vaquero” (solo exhibition), Blue Star Art Space Main Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

- November, 2005: “Land, People and Identity”, International Centre of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Palestine, Curator: Dr. George Rivera.

- October 2005: “Spanglish”, ArtPace Hudson Showroom, San Antonio, TX.

- August 2005: Artists Looking at Art”, The Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX.

- August 2005: “Encuentros”, Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, Mexico City, Mexico.

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- January 2005: Common Wounds”, traveling toRamallah, Hebron and Gaza.


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Box 13 Proposal

“Tu Amor es un Tornado” (Your love is a Tornado) is an exhibition that deals with the

theme of love and healing set to the stage of Texas Mexico Border.

I was raised in El Paso, Texas, which borders Las Cruces, New Mexico and Juarez,

Mexico. There I was surrounded by a mix of romanticism for the American landscape

and the hybridization of Mexican, American, and indigenous cultures. Images that have

cultural, biographical, and art historical references are carved into the surface of the


My most recent body of work explores the violence on the border between the United

States of America and Mexico, the escalating drug and gang wars that plague the entire

border region. The work breaks down into two loose categories, love and healing set

against the political backdrop of drug violence, border fences, and the communities

caught in between. Text, in the form of original song lyrics, is carved and/or added to the

titles to draw further connection to a Western aesthetic and the tradition of Tejano and

country music, music laden with themes of unrequited, sentimental love, as well as

passionate, explosive love.

Healing is explored through themes associated with traditional healers, curanderos or

roadmen. Roadmen perform blessings, heal the infirm, and even act as marriage

counselors for Mexican communities. Roadmen aid in the healing of the individual as

well as communities held hostage by drug violence. Our border is in dire need of this

healing. “Tu Amor es un Tornado” will included 10-12 painting between the sizes of

48”x48”-24”x24” and 8-10 burned drawing on Arches Archival Paper 20”x30”.

All of the work for this exhibition has not been documented. This work has never been

exhibited in the Houston area. This project will be entirely self-funded.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ricky Armendariz

403 Irvington Dr.

San Antonio, TX, 78209